sparkling wine

A glass of Sussex or how about British Fizz

In Britain we call it English Sparkling Wine!

  • In France they call it Champagne
  • Italy has Prosecco
  • Spain has it’s Cava
  • Sekt is Germany’s answer

Britain’s wine producers have transformed from producing rather bland whites to some spectacular sparklers. The Terroir of Sussex, to use the French word broadly describing growing conditions is very similar to that in Champagne. Buckingham Palace and Number 10 now serve our products, but what do they call it?

The need for a name

Most buyers look on the shelf for Prosecco not for a brand. A generic brand would help our producers build sales at home and boost exports. Now we have the product to compete on a world scale, we need a name to take it there! the challenge is, what name?

A glass of Sussex

Producers in Sussex are seeking PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status for their highly rated sparkling wine. If successful, instead of ordering a glass of Champagne, we could in the future be ordering a patriotic glass (or bottle) of Sussex. If successful “Sussex” will enjoy the same protected status as Champagne, Yorkshire Wensleydale and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies.

Asking for a glass of “Sussex” rolls off the tongue OK, but the name is unlikely to appeal to producers in neighbouring Kent where famous French player Tattinger has bought land.

British Fizz

New York bar owner Jason Hicks may have come to the rescue. His term “British Fizz” has been seized upon by the UK Vineyard Association who are now seeking PDO status for the term. Whilst some commentators have taken to the proposal, others are horrified citing it’s similarity to the discredited concoction known as British wine.



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