Recommended alcohol limits

In 2016, recommended alcohol limits for men were reduced to 14 units a week, the same as for women. Pregnant women are advised not to drink at all. Drinkers are advised to consume moderately over a few days and have some alcohol free days.

According to Drink Aware, 24% of men and 16% of women are drinking at hazardous levels, this includes 6% of men and 2% of women drinking at harmful levels.

Alcohol Limits – Why the change

The headline statement from the chief medical officer is that there is no safe limit. Research indicates that whatever the level, alcohol consumption raises the risk of cancer. Previous theories on the benefits of modest consumption are now discounted.

What is a unit?

One unit equates to 10ml of alcohol, relating this to drinks-

  • Premium beer or lager 5% – 2.8 units
  • 175ml glass of wine 14% – 2.4 units
  • Single spirit shot – 1 unit

What about the calories

What’s often forgotten is that drinking adds to your calorie intake.

One pint of 4% beer is about 180 calories, A 175 ml glass of wine about 160 calories.

Drink Aware



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