calorie counting

Calorie Counting

Obesity is a growing problem in the UK. According to recent government figures, 26% are obese of which nearly 3% are morbidly obese. 35% are overweight, together over 60% are weighing more than they should. This is leading to increased hospital admissions and a rise in Diabetes Type 2. only about 2% are underweight.

Sugar Tax

The recently introduced Sugar Tax, is a first step in fighting the problem. The tax applies to soft drinks only; for those with 5-8g sugar added per 100ml, the tax is 18p per litre, those with over 8g of sugar added, it is 24p per litre. Not surprisingly, manufacturers have reacted with some drinks have been reformulated to get them below the thresholds.

Calories Counting – How Alcoholic Drinks Compare

We all know that alcohol is fattening, but how does it compare with soft drinks. In the table below, we have looked at typical figures for drink categories, there are small variance between brands and sub-types.

The calories per 100ml column, is included so you can compare, for example drinking beer or cola. We’re not advocating you drink 100ml of Gin! Incidentally, whilst a single Gin doesn’t look to fattening, when you add in a regular tonic, its comparable with wine. Data from Drinkaware.


Description Volume Strength Units Calories Calories per 100ml
Wine 125ml 14% 1.8 125 100
Wine 250ml 14% 3.5 250 100
Beer Pint (568ml) 4% 2.3 182 32
Beer Pint (568ml) 5% 2.8 227 43
Beer Pint (568ml) 6% 3.4 346 67
Cider Pint (568ml) 4.5% 2.6 216 38
Spirit Single measure (25ml) 40% 1 61 240
Spirit Double measure (50ml) 40% 2 122 240
Cola 330ml 140 42
Cola diet 330ml 1 0
Smoothie 250ml 170 68
Tonic 250ml 92 37
Fresh Orange 200ml 94 38
Tap Water 0 0

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