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Which country consumes the most wine?

It’s a mixed picture, wine consumption is rising in some countries whilst falling in others.

Country leaders

The USA retains it’s number one position, knocking back over 32 million hectolitres per year.

Second place goes to France who drink 27 million hectolitres.

Italy and Germany share third place both consuming just over 20 million hectolitres per year, China follows at 16 with the UK down at 13.

Incidentally, Italy has overtaken France as the world’s largest producers. The worldwide success of Prosceco and the move upmarket being important factors.

Consumption per individual

By drinking only about 10 litres per year per person, the USA are down in 55th place.

France is in the top five with an annual consumption of 43 litres. Portugal though at nearly 44 litres a year just beat France.

Consumption in Italy continues to fall, placing them in 10th place, drinking about 34 litres per year.

UK consumption continues to rise, we now drink about 21 litres per year putting us in 29th place.



China now consumes more red wine than any other country in the world relegating France to second place. A surprising change, in 2008 the Chinese were only the sixth largest drinkers of red wine. Between 2008 and 2012 China’s red wine consumption rose by 146%, doing the exact opposite to European red wine drinkers whose intake has reduced.

The research has revealed that China is also particularly partial to French wine, with it accounting for 50% of imports. They are now the world’s leading importer of Bordeaux. China are investing in their vineyards. China is set to become a bigger red wine producer than France. Domestic growers already meet 80% of the demand.

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