Le Prefesseur

Introducing Le Professeur Marselan

Hull-based House of Townend are delighted to have added Le Professeur Marselan to their range.

The unusual Marselan grape was created in 1961 by Paul Truel, a leading ‘Ampleographer’ (Ampleography is the science of identifying, naming and classifying vines and grape varieties). Nowadays this is all done through DNA, but in Truel’s time, it was a highly skilled and scientific process. He was described as man of rigor, an insatiable researcher, untiring worker, endowed with a breath-taking memory and an unparalleled observer. The idea of him working away in the laboratory, combined with the test tubes, flasks and pipettes often seen at wineries gave us the idea of Le Professeur.

Le Prefesseur

Hailing from Languedoc Roussilon and produced for House of Townend by renowned winemaker, Xavier Roger, Le Professeur Marselan is dark and intense with purple hues in the glass. The nose is perfectly spiced with hints of black pepper and violet with aromas of blackberry and cassis. This wine offers a rich and dense mouth feel, followed by concentrated flavours. The finish is long and juicy with subtle tannins.
After sourcing the juice, we then contacted an artist based in Carcassonne, Sylvain Rouaud, who created this bespoke and hand drawn label.

The perfect tribute to Paul Truel!

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