4 Ways Drinking Establishments Support Local Communities

Drinking establishments play a supportive role in our communities. Not only are they great places to hang out with friends and unwind, but bars and pubs can also promote local talent and raise money for local causes. These establishments also serve as community hubs where people make friends, share ideas, and discuss local issues. If you’re thinking of opening your own bar or brewery, the Vino Club invites you to check out all of these wonderful reasons to pursue your dream!

Supporting the Local Economy

Like any local business, small bars and breweries support the economy in a number of ways. They provide jobs to your neighbours, keep your taxes close to home, and encourage people to visit surrounding local shops and eateries. Whether you want to start your own bar or you enjoy checking out new breweries, try to support brands that are local to your region.

Promoting Local Talent

Drinking establishments also serve to support local talent like musicians, comedians, and artists. Featuring talented locals in your bar is great for bringing in business. Of course, attracting great performers to your bar is a skill in itself, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Eventbrite suggests familiarising yourself with current rates as many musicians are charging more these days to make up for rising travel costs. Importantly, make sure you understand the local music and comedy scene. There must be a market for the kind of live performance you intend to host at your establishment. 

Sponsoring Local Organizations

Besides having local artists play in your bar or brewery, consider hosting events and sponsoring local organisations. This is another great way to get involved in the community. Consider doing something similar at your own business. You could partner up with a local school, sports team, or charity to host a fundraising event and collect donations from your guests.

Encouraging Community Bonding

Community members need places to socialise, and local drinking establishments provide just that. This is also known as a third place. Jordan Harbinger explains that a “third place” is somewhere besides your home or workplace where you can relax and feel comfortable.

This third place is somewhere people go to connect with others in a non-professional environment, sharing thoughts and dreams, and just having fun. These places build community by providing a neutral ground for interactions. They are accommodating, accessible, and playful. Many people feel just as comfortable in their local bar as they do at home!

How to Open Your Drinking Establishment

Are you interested in opening your own bar or brewery? Go for it. Your community will thank you! To get started, think up a unique name for your bar and set up an LLC to register your business. You’ll also need to calculate your startup costs, establish your financial strategy, and choose a location for your establishment. Remember that you will need to acquire certain permits and licences, so remember to include these steps in your startup checklist as well.

Besides all the financial and legal aspects of opening a bar, you will also have a chance to get creative. Designing the interior of your bar is bound to be a lot of fun. Just remember to keep your barkeepers in mind when you’re thinking about the placement of equipment and glassware. Supporting your bartenders is key to the success of your business!

When it comes to stocking a bar, there are many factors to consider. For example, it’s essential to have a well-rounded selection that includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. You’ll also need to decide whether to add a cocktail menu, as well as any food items. Also consider offering other beverages from local and regional breweries. Then branch out from there and maybe even add a little twist.

Running your own bar is bound to be fulfilling. By opening a drinking establishment in your community, you can contribute to the local culture, support local talent, and provide residents with a place to socialise. Start thinking up a creative name for your new business and get your startup checklist underway today!

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