Wine Knowledge – Zinfandel

Known as the grape of California, Zinfandel actually originates from Italy or Croatia. It has been growing in California since the 1850s, California has made the grape its own and produces the the best examples. It can be found in a wide range of wine types from budget to premium.


It is a an incredibly versatile grape.

Red Zinfandel is light to full body and berry-like or spicy flavours, typically 14% or more and lighter coloured than Merlot.

White Zinfandel is an off-dry blush, it now accounts for a big chunk of production. The wine is sweetish, low on alcohol and considered easy to drink.

It’s versatility extends to Rose variants, to Port like fortified wines and use in various blends.

Outside California

Little still grows in it’s native Italy. South Africa, Chile and Australia grow small quantities.

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