wine in a box
Tesco Fern Bay in a 2.25 litre pouch

Wine in a box sales increasing

We’ve overcome our prejudice against screw top closures, now it seems, the same is true of wine in a box.

Wine in a Box

The term box, is not strictly correct, a plastic bag holds the wine, the box provides somewhere for the label and support. Anxious to raise the image, some suppliers now use the term pouches whether this sounds more upmarket, I’m not sure!

Whatever the name, the technology allows wine to be drank over time. It’s claimed up to six weeks without it degrading, this is because oxygen is excluded, the bag shrinks as wine is dispensed.

1970’s Horrors

Back then, box wines whilst popular, were a byword for party plonk, mostly cheap and often rather nasty. As wine buyers became more selective, box sales declined.

The Renaissance

It wasn’t the box technology, but the quality of wine it held that led to it’s decline in popularity. Now some suppliers have woken up to the opportunity. Wine boxes or pouches are environmentally friendly compared to glass bottles, they are cost effective and user friendly. More suppliers are now using them for everyday rather than pure budget wines. As a result, sales are increasing significantly.

Pricing reflects the quality, whilst budget wines are competitively priced, better wines are priced accordingly.

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