Merry Christmas from John The Wine Guy

Hi all! John The Wine Guy here.

Merry Christmas!

So how has everyone been? With only one week to go till “the big day” I hope everyone is feeling prepared! I for one am, as per usual, still very much running around finishing all the last bits! Here’s my latest to-do list which might give you a flavour of where I am : 

Last minute shopping to do, check! Present wrapping still to do, check! Additional Christmas cards to write, check! Extra food to buy, check!

You’d think as I’ve got older and wiser I would become more prepared…clearly I have not quite reached that level of adultness! The only thing I can guarantee is there is plenty of bubbles in the fridge, the red wine is sitting patiently under the stairs ready to be opened and the white wine is waiting to be chilled any day now!

In our household, and I’m sure many others across the country, the champagne will be popped at Breakfast…and then the over indulgence will begin. To help, I have prepared some ideas for pairing below as well as some alternative low/zero alcohol options to keep your spirits high throughout the day and hopefully alleviate any sore heads the next day.


The start of the day, and in the wine guy’s household we will be indulging in the classic Smoked Salmon, scrambled egg and littered either side with chocolate.  

For me you cannot go wrong with Champagne or English Sparkling wine which is made using the same method. I know that Prosecco is a good alternative but it can be slightly sweet which, with all the sugary treats coming though the day can feel a little overwhelming!

There are plenty of fantastic Champagnes and English Sparkles out there and below are some cracking options to get you started.

Ridgeview, UK. Still one of the best in my opinion. Currently on offer with plenty of citrus flavours alongside notes of peach and honey

Laurent Perrier, Champagne, France.  A classic Champagne which never lets you down. Fresh and elegant, for me, it’s one of the best.

Sparkling tea, UK. Tropical fruits on the nose precede a palate of lemongrass, water mint and Darjeeling.


The main event! Turkey, Goose, Turducken ( Can’t believe this is a thing ), Nut Roast…there are so many options to pair with all these. Assuming you go with the classic Turkey, then the big question is white or red?

White is definitely the easier to pair, but as long as you stick to a light or medium bodied red then you will again find some cracking options.

Pinot Noir Precoce, UK. A beautiful English Pinot Noir from the valleys within Gloucestershire. A light red with delicate berry fruit aromas and a long fresh finish. This will also see you into the cheese later…

Chardonnay, Burgundy, France. A real winner. A fantastic vineyard in France in one of the main areas of Burgundy. Great body and depth of flavour this will be a knockout at your Christmas dinner.


Christmas pudding and all the mince pies right? Or should that be ALL the Christmas pudding and all the mince pies?? Either way, now is the time to bust out the big guns. A beautiful Port. Ruby or Twany is the only question and it will really depend on personal preference…but either way, the key is to find something that is sweeter than the desert.

Ruby Port. Straight from the Douro Valley in Portugal this beautiful Ruby Port is full of Rich Blackcurrant and damson flavours with lots of floral notes

Tawny Port. Deep and rich this is a beautifully balanced port with aromas of almond and hazelnut.

A lovey Fiery digestif. Based out of the UK and full with 100% natural ingredients. Mix with a ginger beer and enjoy!

Hopefully this will give you some ideas to take to the table on Christmas Day and also enough time to rush out and buy them, if like me, you are working in the last-minute-dot-com world.

Until the next time, have a lovely Christmas & New year and I look forward to sharing some more stories soon.

Cheers, John the Wine Guy x




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