Is a bad vintage worth murder?

To kill in the name of a bad wine…not literally of course you understand!

Time Out says

You’re having a lovely old time sampling exceptional Grand Cru Estate wines from the fertile slopes of the Loire Valley when whaddya know? Your host, Max Liter, ends up dead in a vat of wine. Which of your fellow guests was the culprit huh? Through a series of clues, tip-offs and interviews with the suspects, you’ll be tasked with working out who did the terrible deed and calling in the gendarmes. You can invite 11 of your pals to take part but best leave any budding Inspector Clouseau’s out of it eh?

Each of the downloadable games comes with full instructions, invitations, character booklets and a script or MP3 files for the inspector who will guide you through your chosen game. And if you want to do some remote themed partying? There are ideas, recipe suggestions and printable files to get you in the mood. Characters include Phillipa Delphia (the local cheesemaker), Monty Carlo (the racing car driver), Jilly Goodblend (the Oenophile) and Honor Platter (the local delicatessen owner). Buy your voucher now!

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