To cork or not to cork – the onward march of the screwtop

Corks now seal around 60% of wine bottles, down from around 95% in the 1990s. For Portugal’s producers of corks, this is bad news. Now producers led by Amorim, their leading producer are fighting back. By introducing technology to test for TCA, the chemical that cause corked wine, they can remove bad corks. By doing so they aim to retain the closures widespread use for non budget wines. Although European and US winemakers continue to cork, Australian and New Zealand’s makers seem wedded to the screw top. Here is an interesting article on the topic by the BBC.

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Find out more about the history of the cork and corkscrews

Split opinions!

The practical side of me says screw top every time, it’s easy to open, I don’t need to search for the corkscrew and the wine is unlikely to be spoilt. On the other hand, it’s not the same when the wine waiter simply unscrews a cap before pouring. Perhaps the answer is to retain the cork for drinking out!

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