10 Places In London To Visit If You’re A Wine Fanatic

London is a gigantic city, and with a great city comes great places to go for drinks, right? London is filled with quirky and individual wine bars, which sets the city apart from the vast majority of other UK cities. With dozens of places available and with a vast variety of price ranges, which definitely matters in a city like London, let’s pick the absolute best ones and see where to go and wine – see what we did there?

The 10 Cases

Situated in Covent Garden, the 10 Cases is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a cosy place to drink some wine. You may be wondering why they’re called “10 Cases” right? Well… They only have 10 wines available and 10 (yes, ten) tables. To visit this pretty exclusive place, you must book one of the ten (again, TEN) tables early, as they are normally sold out weeks in advance.

Personal advice? Their Italian imported Chianti. 10/10

Winemaker’s Club

Situated in Farringdon, the Winemaker’s Club is a delightful choice for a romantic date, given its cosy set up with candles and an intimate atmosphere. The Winemaker’s Club has been serving extremely high-quality wines for over 150 years and their Pinot Grigio is famous on a national scale, so watch out for your bank account. Once again, the place is normally fully booked almost every day of the week, so, if you desperately want to visit this well-renowned bar, you’d better be quick!


BOTTLES is the classic definition of what everyone would describe as a “millennial wine bar”. With a big open space, long tables and a sociable setup, BOTTLES is the go-to destination for an informal meeting, if you happen to be in Spitalfields. No wonder why so many young startuppers are going there…

El Vino

El Vino is one of those places which are trying to be European, whilst still maintaining a strong British voice. But without going through the political banter, what may seem like a normal pub is instead a great destination for every wine fanatic. Situated on Fleet Street, the iconic wine tasting bar has been a stable institution for Londoners and wine enthusiasts from all over the world for decades. Once again, their Chianti is absolutely amazing.

The Noble Rot

The Noble Rot is the classic place which, when seen from the outside smells and sounds like a massive, gigantic “meh”, but wait until you try both their combination of great food (amazing tapas there!) and their not so mainstream wines. That’s when your opinion changes! You can find it in Bloomsbury, and it also offers a vast variety of restaurant deals, which is a rare thing these days in London.


Nope, not the famous dry gins brand. Gordon’s have been an institution for wine tastings for over 120 years. Its underground set up, combined with their vast variety of wines will satisfy every taste and (almost) every pocket. Gordon’s is located in Charing Cross, it also offers a good variety of food (cheese in particular).

Vagabond Wines

When it comes to wine bars, some people tend to be sceptical in regards to the quality of the wines they normally sell in there. Vagabond Wines, although, is one (if not the only) exception to what said above. With a self-service setup and an interactive menu, this very Oyster-style wine bar could be a great shout if you happen to be in London and want something…different.

The Laughing Heart

Fancy a meal in an extremely good restaurant and then a good wine tasting experience? Say no more, The Laughing Heart, located in Hackney Road, is the perfect match for you. The downstairs wine bar is indeed one of the most renowned ones in the whole city and, with a wide variety of wines, you’re sure to find the right one to soothe your thirst.


Renegade is what’s known as an “urban wine bar“, where the wine is indeed produced within the premise. Although it may sound weird, the assortment that these guys have is mind-blowing and thinking about the fact that everything was made in a small room is even more absurd, definitely a must for someone who’s looking for a different wine experience.


Located in Covent Garden, Terroirs is a very intimate place, with yet again an insanely big assortment of wines from all over the world. The best bit about this small, yet very famous bar, is the fact that you can get a plat du jour and a glass of wine for just £12 (during lunch).

Guest Author: Natalie Wilson

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