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Bottle of Burgundy sells for record £424,000

At a Sotheby’s wine sale in New York, a bottle of Romanee-Conti reached a record price of £424,000, 17 times the estimate. Another bottle sold at £377,000.

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Many wine buffs consider Romanée-Conti the finest Burgundy in the world. With greatness comes price, also being the most expensive. These 1945 examples set the record but many other vintages reach record prices at auction, none though anywhere near this price.

The vineyard dating back to the 1600s has ideal conditions, primarily growing Pinot Noir. Output is a modest 5,000 bottles or so a year making it collectable from the start. You will not find it in your local Tesco or even Waitrose nor in top wine merchants.


This eastern French wine region is known for both red and white wines. It’s in the valley of the River Saône, a  Rhône tributary. Red Burgundy comes mainly from Pinot Noir, the whites mainly from Chardonnay. Chablis and Beaujolais (from the Gamay grape) are sub-regions. Red Burgundies dominate collector and wine sale activity.

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