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Tips and hints on pairing food and wine for Christmas

Christmas is still a few weeks away but we thought it can’t hurt to be prepared! Here are a few tips to consider when pairing food and wine for the big day.

  • Try to match the weight of the wine with that of the food. For example full-bodied wines will complement heavy, rich foods.
  • Try to match the flavour intensity of the wine with the food. A good way to do this is to think about the fruit character of the wine, for example strong raspberry flavours of Pinot Noir would go perfectly with duck just as a fruit sauce would.
  • It is also important to match the acidity of wine and food. High acidic wines will balance out fatty foods.
  • The more texture a food has the more tannin a wine should have.
  • A key point to remember is to always serve a wine with a greater sweetness than the food.

Christmas Day Cocktail

For Christmas morning;

Make your own Bucks Fizz. Two parts orange juice (use fresh juice with bits for the best result) to one part Champagne (or other good quality dry sparkling wine).

To accompany Hors d’oeuvres;

Kir Royale, pour 1 part  Crème de Cassis into a Champagne Flute and add 9 parts Champagne (or other good quality dry sparkling wine).


So we hope these tips have given you some food for thought and now you can begin preparing and shopping for the festive season, enjoy!

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