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Time for Wine, the Beer is Off

World Cup fever has taken over the country, hard pressed publicans are looking forward to a good few weeks, then disaster strikes, a CO2 shortage leads to popular pints being in short supply.

CO2 Shortage

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is what gives carbonated beers, ciders and soft drinks their fizz. Most CO2 is produced as a byproduct of Ammonia manufacture, used for fertilisers. It seems that due to low Ammonia prices and demand, some plants have suspended production whilst others are closed for maintenance. It looks like a perfect storm, many are closed at the same time, just as demand for CO2 is peaking.

As a result some leading brands such as Heineken, John Smiths and Strongbow are reported to be in short supply.

Wine and Real Ale not affected

Fortunately, for those wishing to celebrate, supplies of Wine and Champagne are plentiful. Real Ale and Ciders rely on naturally produced CO2 as does Champagne for their fizz, so hand pumped beer and cider should enjoy a deserved boom in sales.

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