Wine and Food Gifts

Christmas Wine and Food Gifts

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts from the Vino Club.

Whisky Rocks or Stones

Unlike ice, these don’t melt so don’t dilute your whisky or for that matter any other drink. Simply clean them after use and put them back into the freezer for next time.

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Whisky Glasses

A good whiskey deserves a good glass. Cut Crystal is the traditional choice and is unlikely to offend, heavy based plain glasses are a good alternative.

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Gin Glasses

It had to happen! Plain tumblers are out, we now have specialist Gin glasses, suppliers don’t seem to agree on what style they should be. We have many stem varieties akin to large wine glasses, and some trendy heavy base tumbler styles.

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Dimple Beer Mug

For nostalgia fans, traditional pint beer mugs, once common but now rare in pubs are available again or there is a wide range of other styles to enjoy a pint in.

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Stove Top Coffee Maker

For a traditional taste of Italian Coffee, a stove top coffee maker is the thing. The Bialetti Moka Express is the original dating from the 1950’s. It comes in several sizes and makes a great kitchen ornament when not in use.

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Tea Gift Sets Assortments

There is a lot more on offer beyond English Breakfast Tea. There are gift sets based on national drink as well as ones with a wide variety of different teas to try. Also see some wonderful teapots for your brew.

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Unusual Chocolate Gifts

Try something different from the selection box. With chocolate kits you can design your own bars or chocolates.

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Jelly Molds

Another revival from the past, to accompany the rabbit mold of the past, we now have dozens of designs on offer. Many are now silicone, much easier to extract the shaped jelly from than glass.

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