Choosing your Valentine’s tipple

Hi all, John The Wine Guy here.

Happy new year everyone! Can we still say that? I’m saying yes…we haven’t had correspondence in 2021 yet, so why not! I hope everyone is keeping well and it looks like we are on our way, slowly, to being able to get back to the pub / bar / restaurant for a nice glass of wine with our friends and loved ones! I for one and very much looking forward to that day!

It’s an interesting time at the moment. I think a lot of people partake in dry January and also, within a “normal time” may start a new regime of health and fitness. However, seeing as we are still not in “normal” times we can keep the wine flowing guilt free and treat ourselves to life’s little indulgences!

With that in mind and with Valentines day around the corner I’ve looked at some slightly lower alcohol options for the weekend for those who have abstained over the last month to ease you back in to the year ahead. We’ve also looked at some luxury food pairings too should you be cooking up a storm this weekend!

What better way to start than with a glass of bubbles! We didn’t talk about Cavendish when we looked at the Ridgeview estate before but this is a classic blend of the 3 classic grapes, Pino Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. A light Salmon colour, with note of raspberry and recurrent on the nose added by the Pinot grapes. Fresh and fruity on the palate with a subtlety of honey and only 12% ABV.
Fun Fact: This cracking sparkling wine was served to Barrack Obama by her Royal Majesty at a Buckingham Palace state Banquet

Moving on to the main course, we can look at a white or red depending on your preference, but both equally pleasing on the palette! Starting with the white we are heading to France for a Chardonnay which pairs exceptional well with Lobster ( Probably not for everyday wine, but it’s only Valentines once a year! ). This wine comes from the beautiful Puligny-Montrachet and from one of the most recognisable areas in Burgundy. The Chavy family have called it their home for over 200 years and produced this glorious expression of white wine. The wine itself is light and elegant for a Chardonnay and bone dry. Floral aromas on the nose are followed by fresh acidity and ripe stone fruit on the palette. Also available in Waitrose!

If you’re more of a carnivore and enjoying a nice fillet steak this Valentine’s then look no further than this incredible Pinot Noir. This particular vintage is becoming harder to find but having managed a bottle myself recently I can’t speak more highly of it. Light on the palate but full of texture and bursting with fruit flavours of Blackberry and Cherry – I personally really enjoyed this wine and am in the process of purchasing a bottle or two more!

Finally I’m recommending an alternative to the classic Sauternes for desert. We’re heading to Greece for their fabulous Vin Santo. I discovered this on a trip to Santorini a few years back – you remember those times when we were allowed to go away and travel the world right? It really surprised me. Really great acidity balances the rich, sweetness of the liquor. Aromas of toffee with flavours of raisin and fig made this a cracking find. Best with cheese rather than a desert, but if you want to stay in Greece and have some Baklava to hand that would also work really well!

So that’s it for me now. I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you’re up to.

If you manage to try any of these recommended wine’s do let us know your thoughts and we will catch up again very soon….

Cheers, John the wine guy. x

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