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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Red Wine For You

Wines are filled with flavours and aromas, and red’s are the favourite among wine lovers who want a strong taste in their mouths. Red wine has been popular since the beginning of humankind. It was produced and enjoyed by ancient emperors, and if you’ve read about mythology, you probably know that red wine was the favourite drink of Gods. 

Red wine comes in many shapes, and each type has a different flavor, accommodating even the strongest critic. It’s not only the ultimate drink that can be paired with every type of food, but red wine also has countless health benefits, making it one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages. 

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How to Choose The Best Red Wine?

The world of red wine is exciting and unique. As we already mentioned, red wine is robust with aromas and flavors, and the wine’s taste depends on the region where the grape is harvested and the variety of grapes used to produce the particular wine. Some red wines can feel a bit heavier in your mouth, others are lighter but more complex, and the flavor of each bottle can vary. 

To choose the best red wine for your palate, you first need to decide whether you want to feel the tannins in the wine; if you prefer a more acidic flavor; what type of body you want your wine to have, and how much alcohol. So depending on these four categories, we’ll help you pick the best red wine to awaken your taste buds. 

Cabernet Sauvignon- The Red Wine With The Most Tannins

Tannins are great antioxidants that make your mouth dry when you drink the wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine with the highest amount of tannins. This wine is also one of the most popular red wines in the world, making it a go-to choice for wine lovers. Cabernet Sauvignon is rich in flavor and pairs perfectly with red meat. If you love tasting the wine tannins and having a dry taste in your mouth when you drink red wine, you can also try Merlot and Chianti. 

Pinot Noir- Taste The Acidity

If you want to taste wine acidity, the best way to do it is to try Pinot Noir. Pinot wines are extremely popular worldwide and among the wine lovers community because they have unique tastes and aromas. The acidity in the Pinot will remind you of a fizzy drink, and the fruity smell will intoxicate you. As we already mentioned, Pinot wines come with many unique aromas. You can purchase Pinot with strawberry and raspberry aroma or feel the vanilla aroma if you’re a fan of it. Nevertheless, Pinot Noir is an excellent choice if you prefer acidic wines. Another more acidic wine you can try is Grenache. 

Syrah- The Full-Bodied Red Wine

If you’re not sure what full-bodied wine means, let us explains. Regarding the body, red wine is divided into light, medium, and full-bodied red wines. Light-bodied red wines have less alcohol and fewer tannins. As the name states, they’re light in flavour and delicious. Medium-bodied wines are somewhere in between; they have a higher percentage of alcohol than light-bodied wines and can complement many foods. Full-bodied wines are heavier and have complex flavours and bold aromas. They also contain the most alcohol and tannins. 

Syrah is the ultimate full-bodied red wine with a smooth but rich flavor. It is so unique that it will allow you to taste everything it’s made of and give you the ultimate wine experience. Another choice for a full-bodied wine that’s excellent is Malbec. 

Zinfandel- The Red Wine With High Alcohol Content

Most red wines contain a high percentage of alcohol, but Zinfandel is one of the red wines that contain the most alcohol. What makes Zinfandel special is its more intense and overwhelming flavor, thanks to the alcohol percentage. It is produced from ripe grapes that are ripe when picked, raising the alcohol content. Zinfandel has a sweet flavor and fruity taste and can be perfectly paired with pizza or spicy food. 


Drinking red wine is a unique experience, and each type of red wine offers a new and unique enjoyment. Many factors come into play when red wine is produced, giving each type its unique flavour and aroma. So what’s the best red wine for you? The rule is that there are no rules, meaning the best red wine for you is the wine that gives you the most pleasure when sipping it. Don’t forget to drink in moderation and to share your favourite bottle of red wine with a great company to get the ultimate pleasure. 

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